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Learn to Swim Classes

Learn to Swim for Babies

Maximum of 6 children per half hour session. Lessons are suitable for babies from six (6) months (when their immune system has developed) and upwards to approximately 2.5 – 3 years of age. Parents/carers are taught the correct technique for introducing baby to water. With the use of fun activities and games, we aim to provide a feeling of comfort and safety in the water. These lessons are invaluable, because if the skills are practiced regularly, they can certainly help to save a child’s life. Remember, every child is different and should be encouraged at their own pace. IMG_0569 (2)_web

Learn to Swim for Children

WATER SAFETY / LEARN TO SWIM CLASSES. Maximum of 4 children per half hour session After the child is happy and confident in the water through activities and games, we introduce the teaching of water safety. Those skills include:

  • Face in water
  • Bubbles
  • Kick and pull (dog paddle)
  • Front and back floats
  • Falling in and back to the side safely
  • Retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool.

Only when a child can confidently dog paddle across the pool without panic, (ie. bubbles in – up for breath) do we commence the art of the freestyle stroke and breathing. It is vital that a child has good flotation skills and the legs do not sink at the back while dog paddling, before commencing overarm.


Learn to Swim for Adults

Maximum of 4 persons per 45 minute session. These classes are designed for the not-so-confident and the would-be-superfish. We can teach you to swim to save yourself – or – to become a Masters swimmer. Don’t put it off forever though….. take the plunge NOW!  IMG_0471 (2)_web